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This is a story of agent Jana which we have started in the previous article (Teletalk 02/2017, in English can be found here:

Until recently, Jana had a very frustrating job in an old-school call center. She was always busy picking the line and talking according to script, client after client, day after day. That was not much fun, so she quit.

Since February, she is working in a very cool and modern call center. The software allows her to see who is calling the same moment the call comes, and what is the problem and what is the story behind the call, all of that in one screen. Jana could see all the interactions with the client in the same place via all channels — SMS, phone calls, emails, and she could also use all these channels herself — depending on what is relevant with a given client. That has helped her a lot to develop her communication skills, the clients became much happier as Jana has become more helpful, not wasting their or her own time. And moreover that, since some time her call center has reorganized itself from a traditional call center into a result-driven call center.

What is a result-driven call center? Increasingly often a client’s request can’t be serviced on the spot; a typical example is a multi-step procedure of an insurance or a credit agreement preparation, when certain confirming documents need to be requested or experts need to be consulted. Sometimes pieces of necessary information are coming from different sources via different channels, independently, and get documented in the CRM in the single history. And only after all the necessary info is there, the client needs to be notified (in a call, for example).

It is sometimes preferable that in such a multi-step process the client would be dealing with the same agent, or at least has such an opportunity. Jana was really helpful, and many clients would want to interact with her directly. So Jana’s call center has decided that it is not important how Jana and the other agents are distributing their work load, only the results would matter. All the activity of Jana and her communications were documented, so estimating individual input wasn’t a big task for management.

So, the call center’s management has decided to award agents according to results, and Jana has started to earn several hundred Euros more every month. The call center has become a result-driven call center (Fig 1.)

What else has Jana at hand to help her with the task? The call center software provided a wide range of APIs and has been deeply integrated, so Jana could use the CRM, Help Desk with ticketing, and a knowledge base. Sometimes she has to send several requests to other specialists, let the client know intermediate results via instant messenger, issue a Help desk ticket, send more emails, get all results in one place, and finally send the client a confirmation SMS. Now Jana now could really help the clients and be a proud professional!

Today, the result-driven call center can already be built on the basis of Noda CC solution, provisioned, implemented and integrated by SoftBCom Berlin.

Please find more about Noda at More about Jana in our upcoming articles!

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