Small call center
based on IP PBX Yeastar S series
and Loway QueueMetrics Live

We have already discussed deployment of an out-of-the-box solution for small call centers. It should be up-to-date, reliable, possess powerful functionality and run without permanent support and attention of administrators. In the previous article we have discussed in detail a system combining IP PBX Yeastar MyPBX U series and Loway QueueMetrics, a solution for call center management by the Swiss company Loway.

That article has been published more than one year ago, so what has changed?

Firstly, the new generation of IP PBX has appeared: Series U was replaced by series S, more powerful and with wider functionality. As before, its main advantages are: no need for permanent support, flexible configurability with plug-in modules, simplicity of configuration and compactness.

IP PBX Yeastar S-50

Secondly, the capabilities of QueueMetrics have expanded significantly, especially in the latest version 17.6, which was released in July 2017. In particular, this version possesses the new customizable panel (“dashboard”) where administrators and supervisors can observe the basic parameters of the call center operation and performance characteristics in real time:

QueueMetrics Dashboard

In Yeastar S-series, integration with Loway QueueMetrics (“Live”) is supported since firmware version The integration of Yeastar IP PBX and Loway QueueMetrics, as well as the advantages offered by such a combined solution were described in the above-mentioned article.

Now we want to test possibilities of integration for the new IP PBX Yeastar S-series.

For the task, we’ve assembled a testing stand consisting of the IP PBX Yeastar S-50 (again kindly provided in the remote access mode by IPMatika, ), and the cloud installation of QueueMetrics Live (account was kindly provided by Loway,

Unlike the previous versions, the S-series can only be integrated with the cloud version of QueueMetrics, called Live. It is a SaaS-solution, which can be paid for on a monthly basis (details are here:

Step 1. Install QueueMetrics Live Integration app in the IP PBX Yeastar. The app will accomplish accomplish the integration:

Step 2. Create an account at QueueMetrics Live site, it can be done directly from the IP PBX or at In our case, the account has already been created, upon entry we specified username and password, and ticked the need for integration: “Enable QueueMetrics Live Integration”:

After clicking the “Save” button the integration was activated:

Systems are integrated!

All the other aspects and settings for this integration are the same as described in the U-series article. We encourage all interested to read this article.

The use of the QueueMetrics Live is user-friendly and easy: there is no need for installation, the required settings amount is minimal. Practical recommendations and answers to many questions can be found in the QueueMetrics forum: .

We build communication systems that serve our customers’ businesses. Here we publish our articles. For more info:,

We build communication systems that serve our customers’ businesses. Here we publish our articles. For more info:,