8 key takeaways from CCW 2023

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2 min readMar 16, 2023


CCW is Germany’s most important trade fair for customer service companies and vendors of contact center solutions. After the two Covid years it has renewed on 28.02.2023 in the same location, Estrel Congress Center in Berlin. As always, SoftBCom has taken part, and here’re our most notable takeaways

1. AI widens scope

AI finds use in more business processes by the day. It is a very broad notion, of course; more of an approach that can be used for dealing with a number of challenges. More customers go digital or add a digital dimension to their operations, and that is where AI can increase their performance. Because of that, nearly every second stand offers a blending of AI into the larger picture.

HR and wages always were the bottleneck for company growth in customer servicing; now AI helps curbing costs.

Some futuristic analytics are claiming that all contact center operations will go agentless in several years’ time; our position is more balanced. We are positive that all repetitive operations which do not require moving things around or providing service manually will be automated. So, the profession of an agent in the classic sense will go extinct. But on the other hand, it allows humans to educate themselves, gain skills and become more specialized, thus providing much better service with the same head count, doing ‘the human thing’ instead of a ‘machine thing’.

  1. Digitalization brings more business purposes for AI
  2. AI curbs costs
  3. AI takes over repetitive tasks
  4. Agents‘ skill development made possible
  5. Deeply specialized teams instead of general agent workforce

Examples of use:

  • Request categorization and routing
  • Smart single-level IVRs

2. Voice bots / text bots

All of bots are an application of AI. As of late, implementation costs of such systems have diminished significantly. A project involving above 50 people would normally pay off in 3–6 months.

Bots are excellent for:

  • Peak load balancing
  • Information self-service
  • Setting meetings
  • Customers write or speak in a natural language
  • GPT-chat-based conversational systems a reality
  • Pays of in 3–6 months

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